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Segol Meat Purveyors

Meticulously sourced.

100% grass-fed, grazing organic native grasses on Texas family farms & ranches.

Kosher & conventional processing.

Texas delivery, nationwide shipping.

Now taking orders for February 22nd delivery!!
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"If you want to know the nutritional value of the beef you are eating and the quality of the cattle's life, look at the land they are grazing. Most people don't have the opportunity to do that or the knowledge of what to look for. That's what Segol does for you. We ensure you have the best possible beef of the highest ethical standards." Libby - Segol Meat Purveyors

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We're Different

A vegetarian of 15 years with a ranching background founded Segol in 2021 when all the puzzle pieces came together that allowed her to eat meat again, and with great joy.

Segol was born from a desire to share nutrient-dense food that nourishes the body and soul. This type of complete nourishment is available only from 100% grass-fed beef, from ethical managed land and animals, including the option for kosher processing. Proper and respectful stewardship of resources naturally results in meat which satiates the palate and strengthens the body. Segol ensures this is what you receive.

We work to restore balance in the business of beef production by sourcing meat from small Texas farms and ranches that utilize gentle cattle management methods and sustainable land management.

Meet Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are salt of the earth kind of people. 

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"Finally finding a worker of the land and animals who shows them the respect they deserve is a much asked for miracle.  The quality and taste of these products surpassed anything I have eaten before in my life.  This is how we as humans can live in peace with the earth and still have our needs met.  I highly recommend them, and I will continue to use my power of choice to support this type of peaceful work going forward."

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