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Food Is...

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

Many agree that food can be medicine (or poison) for the body. Why should it be difficult to realize that food is also, and even primarily, medicine for the soul?

Much more than a means of physical nourishment, food is a tool we can use to connect more intimately with other people, the world around us, and ultimately with the Creator. All kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, and human can be symbiotically elevated by combining the right food with consciousness.

Segol purveys meat that will support you wherever you are on your journey. If you are embracing the ethical importance of choosing meat that is grazed on native grass and raised free of antibiotics and growth hormones, or if you choose to engage in the benefits of kosher slaughter as well. Segol is here to help you move forward on your unique spiritual path by providing you with the right food for your connection.


The Torah instructs that animals be treated with kindness, compassion, and respect. Tza'ar ba'alei chayim, in Hebrew, deals with many aspects of animal welfare, including how an animal is treated during its life and how it is slaughtered for consumption, known as shechitah. 


The most basic instruction is given to Noah when eating meat is introduced as a provision for mankind. Genesis 9:3. Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. 4. But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.


Is Kosher Slaughter Humane?

Dr. Temple Grandin has done the same excellent job in discussing kosher slaughter, not only as a technique but as a spiritual code and as a humane form of slaughter, as she has done with all other endeavors in the field of cattle husbandry. Here are some quotes worth reading that link to the corresponding articles.

"This process when done properly leads to a rapid death of the animal. A sharp cut is also known to be less painful."

"There are five rules that Jewish law requires for a correct cut. I have observed that if the rules are disobeyed the animal will struggle. If these rules are obeyed the animal has little reaction. The five rules are (Code of Jewish Law Y.D. 23)"

Temple Grandin & Libby Landry

Ready to Dive Deep? Spiritual Secrets are Universal

" Have you ever heard the expression, You are what you eat? This concept holds true spiritually. In order to better understand this it is important to know that the world is made up of three forces: positive, negative, and neutral (resistance). This is the Three Column System.

As you know, a light bulb must have a negative pole, a positive pole, and a filament in order to give light. Food is designed the same way. Particular animals or creatures contain only the Right Column of energy and others the Left Column of energy. They do not however contain the Central Column of energy. The intrinsic nature of certain animals, by the Creator’s design, can short-circuit from our point of view because they are part of a two column system instead of three.

The concept of kosher food works to provide the Central Column. The idea is to create a circuit of energy so that spiritual forces of Light shine from our food the same way light shines from a light bulb. Shellfish and many other animal products or byproducts are what we call “not kosher” according to Kabbalah and the Torah. While some of these foods are extremely tasty, they have a certain energetic quality. This means that it is very difficult for them to support us in our efforts in trying to move forward spiritually. However, this depends greatly on where we are spiritually. We must remember that the more we strive to come closer to the Light and work hard spiritually, the more we want to use tools that can support our efforts.

Imagine you are driving a very slow vehicle. At five miles per hour you can turn the steering wheel from side to side with little effect. Now imagine a sports car going 100 miles per hour. Even slight changes in the steering wheel can have a great effect.

It's the same with us. So, the energy of certain creatures is simply not supportive to our spiritual growth. When a person wants to grow spiritually, the food that we eat can be used as a support system. That's what the Torah in its coded fashion is trying to tell us. And this is what Kabbalah explains." -Kabbalah Centre July 30, 2015



“Now, what does kosher mean? If you’ve taken the beginners course in the machon (institute), you already know that kosher does not mean something you are permitted to eat, and if it’s not kosher, you are not permitted to eat. That is not what kosher means.

What it does mean, in effect, when we discuss an animal as being kosher, we are discussing an animal which has two split hoofs, and it also chews its cud. And so the Zohar explains what does that mean? It means it contains the energy force of an atom. It contains three parts. It contains right and left, therefore the split hoof, and it also contains the segol, the third restriction, the aspect of restriction. 

What does it mean that it chews its cud? When it eats, it returns it, not like man takes it in, devours it, and then there is only one other place where it goes out. But as opposed to an animal like a shore (bullock) that eats and also immediately rejects the food and then rechews it again and nourishes from that food. That is called the Segol

The three energy points, you know the Segol in Hebrew, you have the vowel Segol (       ), two dots, and the middle, which represents the power that we know to be the atom. Proton, neutron, and electron. 

That is what kosher means. It means that if you eat that kind of animal, you are eating an animal that has a circuitry of energy. Not a short circuit of energy but a circuitry of energy because it has the three energy intelligences like in an atom which consists of three energy intelligences so does this animal called shore (bullock) contain this kind of energy intelligence.” -Rav Berg, April 30, 1987

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