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pick-up locations in Texas.

Shipping available nationwide.

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Upcoming Beef Delivery Day!



15% off

10% off

Plus, your first order is 5% off!

Valid for delivery or nationwide shipping for orders placed by midnight February 17.

The next Midland, Abilene & San Angelo doorstep delivery is February 22nd.

Dallas, Austin, San Antonio will be delivered (or shipped at supplier discretion) around that date.

Orders are due by midnight on February 17th to receive this month's specials.

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Beef Day is Delivery Day!

Segol schedules a“Beef Day’’ every couple of months or, according to demand to pick up frozen beef from our supplier and bring it to our delivery area. We announce Beef Day dates and specials to those who subscribe to our emails. These are sent at least one week in advance but usually a few weeks, so you may plan and place your order. You must be available to accept delivery of your order on the Beef Day or make advance arrangements for another day as we do not have room to hold your orders locally.


Bulk orders of a quarter, half, or whole beef are also available, and delivery can be scheduled outside of Beef Day for your convenience.


If orders exceed a size that can be safely transported in one trip, we will schedule a second delivery date near the original Beef Day.

Remember shipping is available if you need an order before Beef Day!

Delivery Area

We offer personal delivery and pickup in Midland, Abilene, and San Angelo.


There is no minimum order for delivery at this time. However, the transport fee is 10% of beef cost or $25 minimum, whichever is greater.

Midland, Texas

Segol delivers to your home in ZIP codes 79701, 79703, and 79705 on the afternoon of Beef Day. 


We also offer a designated pickup location in Midland if you prefer and for those driving in to pick up your order. Let us know if this is your preference.

Abilene, Texas

Delivery within city limits. Pickup location to be determined.

San Angelo, Texas

Delivery within city limits. Pickup location to be determined.

Delivery to other areas of Texas (Dallas, Austin, San Antonio), is available based on demand, or we will ship.


As demand increases, Segol will expand delivery to additional areas based on your requests. We will also consider the delivery of large orders outside of our usual area. Please contact us for requests.

Delivery Map

Segol Meat Purveyors delivery map

We deliver in-person to starred cities. If you are along the route or want to add your city, contact us.

Nationwide Shipping

Our supplier offers nationwide shipping! Choose that option when you place your order. Shipping costs can be high, but it's a convenient way to get the product quickly or if you live outside of the delivery area.

Delivery Area


Payment is due at the time of order.


Delivery orders are payable by Venmo: @segol. A link will take you to the payment page after you review your order. If you wish to pay cash or check, please email us for arrangements.

Shipping Orders are paid to the supplier directly on their website by credit card.

Orders are confirmed once payment is received.


Orders will arrive frozen and must be picked up or delivered on Beef Day.


Our responsibility is to get your order to you frozen on Beef Day. We will refund your purchase price if there is a delay in delivery through no fault of your own and the product is not cold when it arrives to you. You are responsible for the product otherwise. This means that you are responsible for the purchase price if you are not available at the time of delivery, or you do not meet for pickup at the designated location and time. You are responsible for verifying the product is frozen or cold to the touch upon receipt.

If you are meeting at the pickup location, you will need to bring your cooler to transport items home.

We accept cancellations up to 3 days before the date of the Beef Day with a full refund. No refunds after that.

By having us transport these products, you hereby consent to resolving disputes by binding arbitration under the laws of the Great State of Texas.

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