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The right food feels so good!


"I cooked the brisket yesterday and I think it’s the best tasting meat I’ve ever eaten.  I did overcook it so that’s a learning curve thing but other than that the vibration was amazing!!!"

"We have used a few of the items and everything has been fantastic."

"I could hardly believe how lean the ground beef was!"


"Finally finding a worker of the land and animals who shows them the respect they deserve is a much asked for miracle.  The quality and taste of these products surpassed anything I have eaten before in my life.  This is how we as humans can live in peace with the earth and still have our needs met.  I highly recommend them and I will continue to use my power of choice to support this type of peaceful work going forward." -J. Tischer

"A few reasons why we are elated about having discovered Segol Meat Purveyors:

#1- Living in West Texas we literally had to import our kosher meat from other far away states, that increased the price so much, I could only buy meat once or twice/year.

#2- Segol meat is really kosher. With this I mean, animals and slaughter process can be technically inspected to be labeled kosher certified, but if the animal didn’t live the life it was created to live, eat what it was created to eat, and be treated and slaughtered humanely, is it really kosher?

#3- The way the animal eats, how they live, and how they are slaughtered not only affects the quality of the meat, but of the entire ecosystem, which, we do care about.

#4- I got to meet Libby Landry!

#5- My husband literally stated this is the best meat he has ever had. About three times. And I have to say, that meat that we used to get once a year, was one of the best kosher brands in the world. 5 is a good number, I’ll leave it at that 🙂" -Ben and Leonor Burton

Cooking Tips

  • Grill over indirect heat or lower oven temps to hold the juices.

  • Crockpot meat is excellent and easy! Cover with water, and only salt and pepper are needed to season. Place veggies on the bottom. Leaves plenty of rich, healing broth.

  • Sear meat first for dry cooking methods.

  • Peruse recipes and cookbooks specific to grass-fed beef to expand knowledge of the best methods of cooking each cut.


Slower & Lower

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